Internal Medicine

Our philosophy is to listen to you, understand your needs and come up with the treatment plan that suits you.

The Internal Medicine Department of Mediterraneo First Care is staffed with experienced Internists, Diabetologists and Infectious Disease Specialists, who provide personalized services in a prompt, responsible and safe manner.

The Internal Medicine Department of Mediterraneo First Care undertakes the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of adult diseases, providing special and personalized care. The collaboration with doctors of other specialties under the guidance of the Internist, who is familiar with the patient’s medical history, ensures the most effective treatment of all incidents.

Our experienced scientific staff have all the necessary diagnostic and therapeutic means at their disposal to solve most of the problems on the spot, without unnecessary and inconvenient referrals to hospitals.

The Internal Medicine Department of Mediterraneo First Care aims to provide added-value services:

  • Preventive medicine
  • Investigating pathological conditions
  • Monitoring patients with chronic diseases
  • Instant and effective response to each incident

Furthermore, electronic prescriptions (e-Prescriptions) and electronic referrals (e-Referrals) are issued for medication and diagnostic examinations, as well as medical reports and certificates to cover all patients’ needs.

Finally, special emphasis has been given to both strict hygiene protocols and the ergonomics of the space, thus creating a friendly and stylish environment in the waiting areas and the treatment rooms. Our attention to detail ensures our patients’ comfort throughout their stay.

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