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A different perspective in Healthcare service

Having introduced  the unique “Boutique Hospital” concept, for the first time in Greek Healthcare, Mediterraneo Hospital now brings us another innovation: the creation of a group practice for primary healthcare services housed in the City Plaza Shopping Center in Glyfada

Primary  Healthcare clinics located in a shopping center is a common practice worldwide. The concept provides easy access and serves a simple goal: facilitating people who can easily do their shopping and at the same time benefit from a medical consultation, undergo a battery of tests, receive specialized dental services, etc

The 1st integrated primary Healthcare Practice in a Shopping Center in Greece

The concept is based on the distinction of healthcare services. Visitors wishing to have a medical examination are not obliged to go to the premises of Mediterraneo Hospital. They have the option to combine their shopping needs and other activities with medical care in a friendly and welcoming environment.
City Plaza shopping center was selected after a meticulous survey in order to host the whole project. An iconic building in the wider area of Southern suburbs for many decades, it accommodates approximately 120 enterprises.

This, in combination with spacious parking, offers visitors the opportunity to satisfy their purchasing needs as well as their medical ones, thus efficiently managing their time.

Cutting edge medical facilities

With respect to human lives Mediterraneo First Care provides easy access to people with special needs and the elderly. Our goal is to provide high quality personalized services.

The inspiration for the project comes from an innovative architectural concept and is expected to create a benchmark in the construction of healthcare building. The space is full of light, with colorful notes and a wonderful sea view.

Replacing brick walls with glass ones creates transparency and allows multifunctional use of the space which can both open up to let in the light and close off to ensure the visitors’ privacy.

Comfortable furniture creates a sense of home, enhanced by the ambient music, while a hot beverage completes the cozy atmosphere.

Our identity

The “boutique” approach is evident here as well.

Personalized primary healthcare services utilize the renowned assets that are Mediterraneo’s trademark: its  highly  qualified medical staff who provide expert services and care with a humanitarian approach that recognizes the patient as an individual.

Mediterraneo First Care services are directly linked to those of Mediterraneo Hospital. These services adhere to international clinical guidelines on the implementation of secure information systems and on the use of advanced supportive tools.
Both structures communicate through digital platforms and complement each other with their services.
The passion for perfection remains the same, non-negotiable commitment towards the public who trust us with their most valuable possession, their Health.

Reshaping the Future

With the launch of Mediterraneo First Care, we aim to increase our presence in the Healthcare sector, to add new services, improve our communication with the public and finally, to share a unique experience with them.

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