Our physicians aim at the immediate treatment of any problem of our young patients, based on the latest pediatric data.

Our goal at the Mediterraneo First Care Pediatric Clinic is the physical and mental health of children, through constant updates and consultations with parents. Highly experienced scientific staff provide a full range of primary paediatric services in a warm and child-friendly environment.

In collaboration with the Pediatric ENT, the Paediatric Dentists, the Infant & Adolescent Obesity Clinic, as well as the Paediatric Endocrinology and Children’s Diabetes Clinic, our Paediatricians offer a full range of primary health services for children.

Additionally, all required examinations (blood sampling, etc.) and vaccinations are carried out by qualified personnel.

Our primary concern is the immediate and personalized treatment of our young patients, based on the latest data of paediatrics according to international scientific standards.

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