Patient Update on Personal Data Protection

  1. Mediterraneo First Care deeply respects the importance of protecting the personal data of individuals, and that of proper and fair processing. Therefore, in order to ensure the protection of the personal data of individuals, we fully comply with the basic principles of processing personal data, taking primarily  into account the rights of natural persons, and ensuring that the personal data in our possession are lawfully collected for purposes strictly defined, and with the consent of the natural person where required. The Company’s Privacy Policy is posted on the Company’s website.
  2. Personal data of individuals, are processed only for the purposes for which they were collected (medical services, medical records management, service briefing) and / or for legal and regulatory reasons, and / or for the defense of the legal interest of Mediterraneo First Care, and are not subject to further processing beyond the specific purpose of the contract.
  3. providing the medical services offered to you, the transmission of certain personal data is considered necessary for the purpose of completing of the service, as well as for the compliance with applicable legislation. The information required is indicated in this sheet with an asterisk (*). In the event that you do not authorize us to manage the required personal data, the Company may not provide you medical-nursing assistance.
  4. The necessary personal data may be transferred to third parties, either for specialized medical examinations and medical procedures, or for the continuation of hospitalization in another hospital when deemed necessary. They may also be communicated to third parties, such as public social security fund, a private insurance company, or a pharmaceutical company etc,
  5. Personal data under the current legislation will be stored for 10 years and will be deleted at the end. A copy of the medical record is provided during your discharge. Mediterraneo First Care, in the context of facilities offered by new technologies, prompt service and eco-awareness, has digitized the archive.
  6. You can apply for:
    – Obtaining access, correcting or even deleting personal data.
    – Restriction of processing, or opposition to processing.- Data transfer.- Withdrawal of consent at any time.- A grievance about your personal data at any time.

    – Your requests can be submitted via the protocol to the Central Secretary, and Mediterraneo First Care will respond within one month, and in case of a reasoned response within 2 months.

  7. In order to serve you better, in some cases your information may have been submitted to Mediterraneo First Care by third parties, such as collaborating physician, other Hospitals, co-operating companies, as well as by affiliates of health related services entities.

Data Protection Officer: 8-12, Ilias str., Glyfada 16675 Athens, Τ.: +30 210 9117000, E: dpo@mediterraneohospital .gr


Data Protection Officer: 8-12, Ilias str., Glyfada 16675 Athens, Τ.: +30 210 9117000