Pediatric Endocrinology & Child Diabetes

Our philosophy is to listen to you, understand your needs and come up with the treatment plan that suits you.

The Mediterraneo First Care Pediatric Endocrinology Clinic provides services for the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of endocrine problems of children.

Typical causes for referral to the Pediatric Endocrinologist Specialist include disorders of physical growth early or delayed pubescence and thyroid gland disorders.

There is also a special department for overweight children and adolescents, as well as for patients suffering from diabetes mellitus.

In addition, all necessary laboratory and diagnostic tests are performed to diagnose diseases such as growth hormone deficiency and early puberty.

Apart from the diagnosis and treatment of endocrine diseases and disorders, the role of the Pediatric Endocrinology Clinic of Mediterraneo First Care is to inform and educate young patients and their families.

It is also recommended that each child be examined proactively by a pediatric endocrinologist for a detailed evaluation of his/ her body growth, as “prevention is better than cure(Hippocrates).

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