Ultrasound Imaging

Mediterraneo First Care offers a wide range of diagnostic and minimally invasive image-guided treatments for both adults and children

Ultrasound imaging is a valuable tool in the hands of a doctor in terms of prevention, diagnosis and treatment planning for each patient. It is a painless, short, radiation-free procedure and it can save lives.

The Mediterraneo First Care Ultrasound Imaging Dpt. focuses on providing high quality, personalized health services in a comfortable and modern space using state of the art equipment tailored to meet the needs of each patient.

All examinations are performed with the brand new, cutting-edge Logiq P7 R3 by GE, which allows the application of the latest ultrasound techniques such as 3D imaging and contrast-enhanced ultrasounds. In collaboration with the other Mediterraneo First Care departments, we offer a wide range of diagnostic and minimally invasive image-guided treatments for both adults and children.

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Basic diagnostic ultrasound examinations:

  • Abdominal ultrasonography (upper and lower abdomen)
  • Ultrasound of superficial organs (thyroid gland, lymph nodes, testes)
  • Musculoskeletal ultrasound (soft tissues, muscles and joints)
  • Genital ultrasound
  • Prostate ultrasound

Color Doppler Ultrasound (Triplex):

  • Aorta
  • Renal arteries and veins
  • Iliac arteries and veins
  • Carotid and vertebral arteries
  • Arteries and veins of the upper and lower extremities
  • Splenoportal axis
  • Temporal arteries
  • Visceral blood vessels
  • Artery bypass grafts
  • Preoperative mapping of veins and arteries

Additionally, at the ultrasound department of Mediterraneo First Care patients are able to receive personalized Interventional Radiology Services on a primary health care level.

Percutaneous puncture (FNA): Ultrasound-guided biopsy needles are used to take cells from the thyroid, lymph nodes and breast. This cytological material is then sent to be examined by cytologists.

Core Needle Biopsy: Ultrasound-guided biopsy needles are used to take tissue samples from various organs, such as the breast and lymph nodes, which are sent for histological examination to pathologists.

Percutaneous PRP Injection: Used in cases of muscle and tendon injuries. These invasive procedures are performed under ultrasound imaging guidance for faster recovery and reduction of pain.

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